August 18, 2014

Cosmic Flower Unfolding from Ben Ridgway on Vimeo.

A film by Ben Ridgway
Cosmic Flower Unfolding is a constant flow of emerging and dissolving oceanic, futuristic, and mandala forms. It is a tribute to abstraction, it’s connection to the inner space we inhabit and how it can be externalized.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION – SIGGRAPH 2013 Dailies| Anaheim, CA | summer 2013 

ROYAL REEL AWARD: Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada | March 2014

SECOND PLACE AWARD: Independent Animation | ASIFA Second Annual ASIFA Spring Festival | 2013

Selected Screening/Installation: ANIMA MUNDI 2014 | Brazil | August 2014

Selected Screening: San Francisco International Film Festival | San Francisco, CA | April/May 2014

Selected Installation | Animafest 24th World Festival of Animated Film | Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Croatia | 2014

Selected Screening/Installation: Currents 2014 New Media Festival, New Mexico | June 2014

Selected Screening: Fort McMurray International Film Festival | Alberta, Canada | Aug 2014

Selected Screening: San Francisco Frozen Film Fest | San Francisco, CA | July 2014

Selected Screening: Visionfest | Brooklyn, NY | May 2014

Selected Screening: Northwest Animation Festival | Portland, Oregon | May 2014

Selected Screening: Spirit Quest Film Festival | Edinboro, PA | April 2014

Selected Screening/Installation: Kansas City Film Festival, Kansas City, MO | April 2014

Selected Screening: Athens International Film + Video Festival | Athens, OH | April 2014

Selected Gallery Installation | Dreams and Divinities | San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico | March 2014

Selected Screening: Byron Bay International Film Festival | Feb/March 2014

Selected Screening: CINE TORO | Cali & Toro, Colombia | Sept 2013

Cosmic Flower Unfolding (c) copyright 2013 by Ben Ridgway

June 21, 2014

Skybox Imaging HD Video of Las Vegas on March 25, 2014 (1080p) from Skybox Imaging on Vimeo.

This is a full motion HD 60-second video captured by SkySat-1 on March 25, 2014. Please click on the HD toggle to see the video in full resolution.

For more information, visit us at skybox.com.

Getting Started with Neo4j, Ruby 2.1.2, and Rails 4.1.1 →


Currently, ruby is at 2.1.2 and Rails is at 4.1.1. If you’ve tried hooking up Neo4j into Rails, you might have encountered the shear pain of this process and given up. I know I did….

June 5, 2014
Elasticsearch on Rails, a primer →


Elasticsearch is a full text search server powered by Lucene, the Apache Foundation text-search engine used also by Solr.

Elasticsearch is basically a a distributed real-time document store where every field is indexed and searchable, was built to be distributed from the ground up, can be…

April 15, 2014

20140321-56-DevOps в Agile среде.avi from Stas Fomin on Vimeo.


January 28, 2014

Volans from MURAT SAYGINER on Vimeo.

CG/Editing/Music by Murat Saygıner

Thanks to Infinite-Realities for the head model.


January 19, 2014

BOOBIES from Rug Burn on Vimeo.

TOUCH THE BOOBIES »> bit.ly/TouchTheBoobies

SUBSCRIBE to RUG BURN Channel on YouTube for more animated shorts. Fifty amazing Titmouse artist unite for a divine purpose: to animate boobies.

Music By: Lucky Bajiljapops

Created by these Titmouse artists:

Allison Craig / Allison Fra / Alyx Jolivet / Angelo Hat / Anneli Stassler / Barry Kelly / Brian Kaufman / Chase Conlet / Chris Prynoski / Cody Walzel / Dave Gerhard / David Hernston / David Riley / Dik Pose / Doug Vito / Georgio Renna / Griffith Kimmins / Henrique Jardim / Howard Chen / Israel Sanchez / Jeremy Polgar / John Gutierrez / Johny Koester / Josh Howell / Jon Schnepp / Justin Ridge / Justin Voltz / Kat Ruzics / Maha Tabikh / Marina Gardner / Mark Taihei / Mike Maloney / Mike Roush / Nathan Aexander Rico / Parker Simmons / Phylicia Fuentes / Rachel Gitlevich / Robbie Robertson / Ryan Deluca / Ryan Magno / Sachio Cook / Sam Marlow / Samatha Gray / Stephanie Simpson / Tammy Chang / Todd Favela / Trevor Klueg / Victoria Lau / Zoë Moss

Thyreoalis from V.E.E.N on Vimeo.


January 7, 2014


Will Sweeney - Concept designer and Illustrator
Steve Scott - Director, Concept designer and compositor

James Littlemore - Editor / Compositor
Geoff McDowall - Animator
Ed Willmore - Animator
Roland Edwards - Animator
Dele Nuga - Digital Painter

Lottie Hope - Producer
Dan O’Rourke - Executive Producer

Not To Scale - production

Thanks to Big Active


Experimental video, where each instrument of a song is coded and translated in visuals.

By Nicolas Lefaucheux
Music : Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye
Is This Love by Bob Marley
Beat It by Michael Jackson